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Is fame good?

yes, and if you say no, you are retarted. this is Miley Cyrus typing this. im on facebook and twitter. anyways, do what Justin bieber did. sing on youtube and you will be full ( Full Answer )
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How do you look good?

Wear skinny jeans and some shorts. Wear bright colors and wear some nail polish. For a swim suit I suggest a bikini. Wear dresses above your knees, but not to short. HOPE THI ( Full Answer )
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Looking for the St. Louis sports hall of fame?

There is no St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame--yet. One is being discussed and pieces being put in place in a South County location, one to mimick the success of the Missouri Spor ( Full Answer )
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How can you look good?

Get lots of sleep, wash your face in the morning (and if you are a girl wear a little makeup), smile and be positive.
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Is fame a good thing?

\nFame is a good thing as long as you are not being famous for doing something bad, e.g.infamous. OK?
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How do you get good looking?

if you are a boy, wear girls clothes and if you are a girl, wear boys clothes. This will make you good looking in no time at all ;] I tried this and it worked! thanks!
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How do you have good looks?

When you are born the 26 cromasones from your mum and 26 cromasones from your dad which make what you are going to look like you cannot physical change how you look unless you ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a good look?

you can apply foundation which will cover up and pimples and or scratches on your face. Add eyeliner to give yourself eyes that really pop! After that apply lip gloss and you ( Full Answer )
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Can you get celeb?

Yes, but you have to get it off of Pokemon Colosseum if u have it
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What is good looking?

Good looking would be referring to someone who is physically attractive, especially, by looks and appearance wise. Both men and women can referred to as good looking, meaning ( Full Answer )
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How many red wings players made it to hall of fame?

4 players A little bit off, try more around.... 67 Here's a list of the players, and the year they were inducted into the hall of fame. . Sid Abel 1969 Jack Adams 195 ( Full Answer )
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Was fame a good or bad thing for Michael?

Michael said fame did not excite him at all because he felt like the loneliest person in the world. He said the Off The Wall era was one of the hardest times in his life. He h ( Full Answer )
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Is fame a movie good?

nope its poo theres no storyline people were walkin out what a complete waste of time :L
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How many celebs had a b day on September 10?

Arnold palmer:championship golfer Joe perry:lead singer of aerosmith Amy Irving:actress once married to steven spielberg but there are around 8 in total
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What are the top 10 fittest celebs?

It's a matter of personal opinion. Also, you failed to specify a gender in your question.
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How do you look good when you look ugley?

By being nice, be pleasant. A great personality will go a long way towards making you look good. getting haircuts might make you look better. showering would help to, and all ( Full Answer )
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What are the top 10 secrets for fame?

1. you need to havea good voice 2. you need to get rockin chloeths 3. you need to get connections 4. you need to get a band 5. you need to not have a stage fright 6. you need ( Full Answer )
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Is the CD the fame monster any good?

yes it is the best CD ever! i think it has 8 more songs on I'm not sure. it as song great song on it including bad romance!
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How do you get celebs?

a celeb is someone that gains popularity by doing something, perhaps being a singer or dancer. Yet some people are just born a celeb like willow Smith or Paris Hilton.
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Do side fringes look good on girls of 10?

Side fringes can look good on 10 year old girls. Talk with a parent about it, and look for pictures of side fringes that you think work with your hair type and with how much t ( Full Answer )
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What are the good things about fame?

in my opinion fame is a good thing if you have earned it in a good way and also you need to be strong enough to control yourself because some times you may think that you ar ( Full Answer )
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How many perfect game pitchers have made the hall of fame?

of the 20 pitcher who have thrown perfect games only 4 have made the hall of fame, but keep in mind that 6 are either active players or not yet HOF eligible (though Dallas Bra ( Full Answer )
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What are the top 10 living celebrities that has made a good impact?

well it is really a matter of opinion, so in my opinion... 1.Queen Elizabeth II 2. Barbara Bush 3. Prince William of Wales 4. Dame Elizabeth Taylor 5. j.k. Rowling ( Full Answer )
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How has Stevie wonder used his fame for good?

Stevie wonder has used his fame for many good things and examples are is that he drawed attention to issues such as racism, segregation, war, famine, and poverty and has helpe ( Full Answer )
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Which Are Top 10 Celeb Feet?

MINE 10: Vanessa Hudgens 9: Maria Sharapova 8: Anne Hathaway 7: Mariah Carey 6: Joanna Levasque 5: Mila Kunis 4: Emma Watson 3: Selena Gomez 2: Emma Stone ( Full Answer )
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What song made Taylor Swift's fame get bigger?

Taylor Swift was known for the 2006 single "Tim McGraw" and her popularity increased with the song "Love Story" in September, 2008.
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What are some good sides of fame?

Fame can have many good sides. A famous person gets paid a lot of money and if they do something wrong they tend to get a bye and less of a punishment.
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10 celebs who don't believe in monogamy?

10 celebs who don't believe in monogamy include: Cameron Diaz Will Smith Jada Pinkett-Smith Shailene Woodley Hugh Hefner Tom Ford Akon Scarlett Johansson Emm ( Full Answer )
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Celebs who look like other people?

There are a number of celebs that look like other people. WillFerrell looks like Chad Smith, Alicia Silverstone resembles KristenStewart, and Dane Cook and Skylar Astin look l ( Full Answer )