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Did the Mutiny on the Bounty actually happen?

Yes it is, but many facts in the films are wrong, for instance Captain Bligh was not a bad captain. He actually had one of the lowest counts of flogging sailors in the British ( Full Answer )
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What actually happened to Waris Dirie?

Waris Dirie is a former UN Special Ambassador and actress. In 2004,she was attacked by a stalker and in 2008 went missing for a fewdays. She is now an activist for female geni ( Full Answer )
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What is coincidence?

Coincidence is when two or more events happen apparently by merechance. For example, it would be a coincidence if you went onvacation and your neighbor was there.
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What actually happened to Bloody Mary?

well this will take a while to explain..... lets start at this "bmarys real name is Mary Tudor.............queen of Spain and she died because she was jealous of someone wanna ( Full Answer )
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What is actually happening when you experience weightlessness?

You can feel something close to genuine weightlessness out in space when you are far from any big bodies (like a planet or star) which would pull you in through gravity. This ( Full Answer )
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Is the Impossible quiz actually possible?

no. no one in the entire world has ever completed the impossible quiz. Not even chuck Norris has completed that quiz, making it phisically impossible
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When did the 1054 supernova actually happen?

SN1054 or Crab Supernova: The progenitor star was located in the Milky Way galaxy at a distance of 6,500 light years and exploded as a core-collapse supernova. So it occurr ( Full Answer )
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What actually happened on the Trial of Tears?

Books have been written on this subject - IE: The answer would be voluminous to say the least. A general statement, from notable incidents, are:. People were intentionally mu ( Full Answer )
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If you dream three things within the week and they all happen is this just coincidence?

that's the funny thing about it although i don't have the answer for it. i don't think its a coincidence. [extended personal account and comments moved to Discussion page by ( Full Answer )
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Did the cold war actually happen?

No, the government erased everyone's minds. . The Cold War included a number of constituent wars such as the Korean War, the Vietnamese War, the Cuban Revolution, etc., and m ( Full Answer )
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What actually happened when Sandstorm had her kits?

In the epilogue of Firestar's Quest, it says.... ["Firestar headed across the clearing toward the nursery, spotting Sorrelpaw, Sootpaw, and Rainpaw wrestling together beside ( Full Answer )
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Will 2012 actually happen?

The year itself is certainly expected to occur, a little more than a year and a half from now. If by "actually happen" you mean the "Mayan Calendar Doomsday" phnook that's bee ( Full Answer )
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Is 2012 actually going to happen?

The events in the movie will not happen. There will be no doomsday, and nothing will change. (Some people might commit suicide in fear though. Pay no attention to them.)
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What actually happened to James bulger?

James was took from new stand shopping centre by Robert tompson and Jon venibles they took James to a canal dropped him on his head then took him to a railway trackhit him wit ( Full Answer )
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What actually happens to the metal when it corrodes?

Corrosion in metallic chemistry terms is the oxidation of a metal object, forming the oxide of that metal. As with all redox, the metal loses electrons and the oxygen gains th ( Full Answer )
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Why do you dream of something and it actually happens?

It's called Deja Vu. When you sleep Sometimes you soul leaves you body and goes to the place you will be later. Before you wake up it comes back into your body.Then the event ( Full Answer )
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What happens if losing weight is impossible?

Then you may be insulin resistant (syndrome X), pre-diabetic, borderline diabetic, or you may already have diabetes type 2. In full-blown diabetes type 2, some people lose wei ( Full Answer )
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Why is it impossible to observe the actual movements of the stars?

Because none of us live long enough. Even a few centuries of observation is not enough to notice the movement of most stars. In fact, there is only one star for which any move ( Full Answer )
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Did the trogan war actually happen?

There is no evidence's that the war happened. but because of all the documentaries that have been done on it it seams like it happened. so May by you could find out for your s ( Full Answer )
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Is it a coincidence that 9-1-1 is the same as September 11?

No. The use of 9-1-1 as an emergency number was in use long before the September 11, 2001 attack on the U.S. Allegedly, the terrorists specifically chose the date of 9/11 beca ( Full Answer )
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What actually happened in the Battle of Hastings?

Edward the Confessor did not have any children to one day become future kings, so three people fought for the throne: William the Conqueror Harold Hardraada Harold Godwi ( Full Answer )
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What actually happened to the Aboriginals when they were invaded?

When the white settlers came, the Aborigines were dispossessed of their land and, much later, "encouraged" onto reserves, supposedly for their protection. They were forced off ( Full Answer )
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Will doomsday actually happen on 2012?

It will never happen. God promised not to do anything to the world. So I BELEIVE that the 2012 doomsday will not happen.
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How do you say coincidences happen in German?

coincidences happen = Zufälle kommen vor coincidences happen = Zufälle geschehen coincidences happen = Zufälle passieren
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What actually happened at 9 11?

A group of well trained and well prepared Islamic extremests hijacked four regularly scheduled airliners that were flying from the east coast to the west coast of the US to en ( Full Answer )
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What actually happens in probability is what probability?

It is experimental probability. It is experimental probability. It is experimental probability. It is experimental probability. It is experimental probability. It is expe ( Full Answer )
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What is the line in Love Actually about 9 11?

The movie Love, Actually opens with footage of people at an airport arrivals gate. It is voiced over by Hugh Grant's opening monologue about love. The quote that refers to 9 ( Full Answer )
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What actually happens in hibernating computer?

The memory contents have been saved to disk and memory refresh has been stopped to save power, resulting in loss of memory contents in the memory itself. The CPU internal and ( Full Answer )
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Does a purge actually happen?

If you are referring to the movie The Purge, NO, it does not happen. The movie is entirely fictional, and nothing like this happens in real life.