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What are the body parts of a brittle star?

The arms of brittle stars are attached to a central disklike body that houses on the underside the mouth and jaws, stomach, and saclike body cavities called bursae, which ar (MORE)

What does freaky-freaky fresh mean?

Its actually said 'Fricka Fricka Fricka Fricka FRESH!' There is also a funny dance to go with this happy catchphrase but that is basically it. It is just merely an interesting (MORE)
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What body parts do jeffree star have?

Jeffree Star is a MAN. Believe it or not it's true. I happened to of slept with Jeffree. He is bisexual.. To continue with the question, he has all the parts a man does, incl (MORE)
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How are you part of a star?

The elements in your body were once part of a star - billions and billions of years ago! Earth and everything on it was formed in space from bits and pieces of "star stuff."