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Is fame good?

yes, and if you say no, you are retarted. this is Miley Cyrus typing this. im on facebook and twitter. anyways, do what Justin bieber did. sing on youtube and you will be full (MORE)
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Is fame a movie good?

nope its poo theres no storyline people were walkin out what a complete waste of time :L

What are the top 10 secrets for fame?

1. you need to havea good voice 2. you need to get rockin chloeths 3. you need to get connections 4. you need to get a band 5. you need to not have a stage fright 6. you need (MORE)

How do you get celebs?

a celeb is someone that gains popularity by doing something, perhaps being a singer or dancer. Yet some people are just born a celeb like willow Smith or Paris Hilton.
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Do side fringes look good on girls of 10?

Side fringes can look good on 10 year old girls. Talk with a parent about it, and look for pictures of side fringes that you think work with your hair type and with how much t (MORE)
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What are the good things about fame?

in my opinion fame is a good thing if you have earned it in a good way and also you need to be strong enough to control yourself because some times you may think that you ar (MORE)

Which Are Top 10 Celeb Feet?

MINE 10: Vanessa Hudgens 9: Maria Sharapova 8: Anne Hathaway 7: Mariah Carey 6: Joanna Levasque 5: Mila Kunis 4: Emma Watson 3: Selena Gomez 2: Emma Stone (MORE)
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What are some good sides of fame?

Fame can have many good sides. A famous person gets paid a lot of money and if they do something wrong they tend to get a bye and less of a punishment.
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10 celebs who don't believe in monogamy?

10 celebs who don't believe in monogamy include: Cameron Diaz Will Smith Jada Pinkett-Smith Shailene Woodley Hugh Hefner Tom Ford Akon Scarlett Johansson Emm (MORE)
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Celebs who look like other people?

There are a number of celebs that look like other people. WillFerrell looks like Chad Smith, Alicia Silverstone resembles KristenStewart, and Dane Cook and Skylar Astin look l (MORE)