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What is the ticker symbol for Citigroup?

Stock Ticker C . The ticker symbol for Citigroup is C and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.. Citicorp became Citigroup in 1998 when they merged with Traveler's (MORE)
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Who is owner of citigroup?

Citicorp does not have a single owner, but rather is a publiclytraded company with stockholders and a board of directors. It isone of the largest bank holding companies by ass (MORE)
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What is happened with citigroup?

More has happened to Citigroup in the past year than can be easily explained. This is something you could write a 200+ page report on. I suggest you start doing research.
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Does citigroup have international charity grant aid?

recently received this email is this a scam? please inform me as to what this is about thankyou jeffery McDonald Response to above: Yes this is a scam I received the same e (MORE)
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Is citibank and citigroup the same?

Yes, Citibank and CitiGroup are both portions of the same company.Citibank is the banking portion of the company while Citigroupprovides management.
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How can you contact sanjiv das at citigroup?

The CEO of CitiMortgage, Sanjiv Das, does not wish to speak to homeowners according to his staff. He is a recluse during these times of financial hardships. When a consumer (MORE)
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Who did citigroup sell primerica to?

No one. Primerica separated itself from Citi through Initial Public Offering on April 1, 2010. Primerica is now an independent company and is listed on NYSE as stock symbol PR (MORE)
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What kind of career can you find within Citigroup?

There are many careers that one can find within Citigroup. They have many offices all around the United States and are looking for Network Engineers, Technology Risk and Contr (MORE)
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What does Citigroup specialize in?

Citigroup is a financial institution specializing in financial services, especially loaning money to others. Citigroup also specializes in clean technology, consumer goods an (MORE)