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Wer ist der antworter?

"Who is the answerer?" is the translation of this question.
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Who is Teresa Fidalgo?

Portugal Car Accident - Teresa Fidalgo David Rebordão is the creator of the short film "A Curva" about a mysterious female hitchhiker who is revealed to be a ghost. The e (MORE)
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What happened to Teresa Fidalgo?

The annoying chain mail that drives us crazy... Well, Teresa Fidalgo has apparently died in a car accident at 1983 in a small town in Portugal and we all have seen her "ghost" (MORE)
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Is the Teresa Fidalgo story true?

As with most ghost stories, many people do, and many do not believethe ghost tale of Teresa Fidalgo is true. There was, however, aTeresa Fidalgo who died in a car accident in (MORE)
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Is that video of Teresa Fidalgo true?

no, it is not true, My dad and me saw it and i went on here and she somehow died, make sure, u want be scared Thanks
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Wer ist der beste schauspieler 2008?

Der beste Schauspieler 2008 war Daniel Day Lewis, der einen Oscar für seine Darstellung im Film There will be Blood erhielt.
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What does Wer ist dein Freund oder deine Freundin?

Freund can be translated as boyfriend or male friend Freundin can be translated as girlfriend or female friend so depending on context the sentence can be translated a (MORE)
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Is Teresa fidalgo real?

We believe ( me & abbie ), that the Teresa Fidalgo story is actually REAL. When abbie got the text, she actually had a car crash, because she didnt forward it. S (MORE)
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Will Teresa fidalgo come back to life?

There are two possible answers: Yes and No, Yes, when she made an agreement to a demon by sacrificing other souls or having something in exchange. And No, when she didn't do (MORE)
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Who plays the ghost of Teresa Fidalgo?

The name of the woman who played Teresa Fidalgo in this video was not released as the video was originally intended to be passed off as reality until the producer, David Rebor (MORE)
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Where can one find information about Teresa Fidalgo?

Teresa Fidalgo is reputed to have been killed in a car crash in Portugal in 1983 and now haunts the stretch of road where she was killed. The website Teresa Fidalgo recounts t (MORE)