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When was aluminum foil invented?

Metal foil, such as tin foil had been around for years. The first plant designed for rolling aluminum foil was opened in 1910. Aluminum foil replaced tin foil, when the "Dr. L (MORE)
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Is aluminum foil homogeneous?

Not quite, unless it has been manufactured in an inert environment. As soon as aluminum is exposed to oxygen it grows a thin skin of aluminum oxide.
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What is the molecular formula of aluminum foil?

Aluminum (Al) foil doesn't have a "molecular formula" because it's all aluminum. The foil is made from a solid block of refined aluminum (all Al) and rolled and rerolled to co (MORE)
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Is aluminum foil the same as tin foil?

When someone uses the term tin foil, that person is almost always talking about aluminum foil. Tin foil is an old term, and it has carried into the present where it is frequen (MORE)
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Is aluminum foil an element?

Aluminum foil is made of Aluminum, which is an element. So yes Aluminum foil is a element
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Why is carbon in aluminum foil?

We don't find carbon in aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is highly refined aluminum, and it's quite pure.
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Is aluminum foil a conductor?

Aluminium conducts electricity about the same as copper, maybe a very small amount less and about five times better than iron if all three metals were of the same thickness an (MORE)
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How is aluminum foil made?

Aluminum foil is made by passing aluminum through a rolling mill. Manufacturers start with a large block several inches thick and several feet wide and long. This block is pas (MORE)
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Shelf life of aluminum foil?

Indefinite, aluminum is a metal it doesnt rot, spoil, degrade overtime. It does form a thin but tough oxide layer of rust that willfurther protect the metal itself. The rust i (MORE)
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Why is aluminum foil a good insulator?

It isn't. When in contact it has a high transfer rate. It is a decent reflector though, which in some cases can be used for insulating purposes..
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Is aluminum foil a conductor or insulator?

Insulator or conductor depending on the circumstances. Aluminum foil conducts heat, but it cuts off air flow and reduces evaporation of fluids. Aluminum foil reflects and thus (MORE)
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Is aluminum foil an energy barrier?

Aluminum foil can act as an energy barrier, but not a very good one. It is not very dense, therefore an electron (energy) can penetrate it. Because it is not very dense the mo (MORE)
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What can you do with aluminum foil?

You can cover it over food. Use as a cooking pan liner for easy cleanup. Use to cover heating element pans on a coil top stove. Wrap a day's worth of pills in it..
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When did tin foil become aluminum foil?

Actual tin foil was superseded by cheaper and more durable aluminumfoil after World War II, and aluminum foil is sometimes confused as"tin foil" because of its similarity to t (MORE)
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When did tin foil change to aluminum foil and why?

Aluminium foil replaced tin foil immediately after World War II because aluminum is: easier to work (manufacture into usable artifacts), more plentiful in the Earth's crust (a (MORE)
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The meaning for aluminum and aluminum foil?

Aluminium (Al) is a natural chemical element, metallic, solid at room temperature. . Aluminium foil: 0,1-0,2 mm thickness . For more informations see the link.
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Is mylar foil and aluminum foil the same?

No they are not the same. Mylar is a laminate material on top of the foil material usually Aluminum. Aluminum foil is just aluminum.
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Is aluminum foil a solid solution?

Aluminum foil is not a solid. It is not a solid because it CAN bend. like for example: water isn't a solid because it can bend, move, what ever you wanna say... so aluminum fo (MORE)
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Aluminum foil is it a cold conductor?

Things do not conduct cold, they conduct heat. Being a metal aluminum foil is both a good conductor of heat andelectricity.
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Why does the aluminum foil not go in microwave?

A microwave functions by using high frequency waves. Metallic objects such as aluminum foil reflect and react to these waves because of the high content of free flowing electr (MORE)
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Is aluminum foil float on water?

A thin aluminum foil, (which is denser than water) could float onthe surface if carefully placed, by virtue of the surface tensionof water. But if submerged, the foil would si (MORE)
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Is aluminum foil renewable or nonrenewable?

It is both: it is non-Renewable when it is Irreversibly [and/or Irretrievably] removed Ex-Situ; and renewable only by and through the recycling efforts of People.
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Can aluminum foil be microwaved?

No if u do it will create electricity which will stink up ur microwave. Trust me I've had experience!
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Can you bake muffins with aluminum foil?

If you mean to line the muffin pan with foil, then no. The muffins will stick to the foil and you'll have trouble getting it off without tearing the muffins. You can simple bu (MORE)
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Why is aluminum used in foil?

It's inexpensive, it's non-reactive with food, it stands up to heat in the oven, and it maintains its strength when rolled to the thinness needed for foil.
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What do aluminum foil do in the oven?

Aluminum foil is used mostly to prevent moisture loss from food. If aluminum foil is not used, the food will be drier, crispier, and darker. Aluminum foil, however, may length (MORE)
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Is aluminum foil reusable?

Yes. As long as it is free of visible debris, obviously. Often the other side of it is used, if the foil was used simply to cover, not wrap an item.
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Is limestone in aluminum foil?

No. Aluminum foil is made from aluminum. The primary ore ofaluminum is bauxite, which is often found with limestone anddolomite deposits.