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Do takuya and Zoe marry each other?

Actually, The Makers Of Digimon Frontier Didn't Continue There Show When They Grew Older.. They More ON Focus of How Takuya And Zoe Fall In Love.. And To All Fans Of Takuya An (MORE)

Why do celebs only date other celebs?

Maybe they do for publicity, and maybe because they meet a lot of celebrities on set when they work. well they dont just wake up one morning and say im going celebrity hunter (MORE)

Why do people marry each other?

for love and everylasting life with the person Answer: Marriage was originality a convenient format to establish inheritability of titles, power, goods and land. In moder (MORE)

Can Jedi's marry each other?

during the Jedi Order of the late Old Republic (EP 1 2 3) marriage was largely frowned upon HOWEVER NOT FORBIDDEN. Following ep 6 Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order encouraged marria (MORE)

Are penn and teller married to each other?

Yes. They are married to each other and have 7 kids together, all of which, of course, are adopted. Two of their kids are named Charles and in an interview, Penn said, "We wer (MORE)